Add image to Paragraph in 0.90

This is a paragraph of text. I want to float an image next to it. Didn't work, though.

Peter Small demonstrating the use of the Gutenberg press at the International Printing Museum.
Recreated Gutenberg press at the International
Printing Museum, Carson, California

It turns out that you need insert the image first, then select left or right alignment. After that, paragraphs you insert will be floated. However, while a left or right aligned image will resize automatically in Gutenberg, they don't resize for the front end of the site, so you might not see your text actually wrapping.

Further paragraphs (and presumably other blocks) will continue to float around the image.

What does a cover image cover?

Coffee in a glass carafe.

The image above is aligned center, but it's not showing up as centered either in the editor or on the front of the site, even after I resize it.

Let me try that again, just to make sure that I can reproduce the problem.

250px square image. The caption is centered, but the image isn't.
gutenberg plugin banner image (printing press)
This is the Gutenberg banner image. It's not centering either. Annoying.

Okay, I think I've beaten this sufficiently to death. Submitted an issue on GitHub.

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