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Atomic Blocks

This post demonstrates the custom blocks provided by the Atomic Blocks plugin.

There’s an Atomic Blocks theme as well as the plugin, but I wanted to test the plugin on its own.

Atomic Blocks Testimonial

Gutenberg changed everything. WordPress has always been about websites, but it’s not just about websites. It’s about freedom, about possibility, and about carving out your own livelihood, whether it’s by making a living through your site or by working in the WordPress ecosystem itself.


Matt Mullenweg

Co-Founder of WordPress

Atomic Blocks Profile Box


Sallie Goetsch

East Bay WordPress Meetup Organizer

Sallie has been online since 1985, built her first website in 1994, and discovered WordPress in 2005. She’s been the organizer of the East Bay WordPress Meetup in Oakland since 2009.

Atomic Blocks Notice Block

Atomic Blocks Notice

Notice! This is a notice box. You can select the color of the notice, title, and text, and choose font size.

Atomic Blocks Drop Cap

Do we need an atomic blocks drop cap? There’s a drop cap setting in WP’s default paragraph block, and when I try to insert the Atomic Blocks version, I get an error.

Atomic Blocks Accordion

Accordion Title: Click to Expand

If you were using this for a FAQ section, you’d put the question above and the answer here.

Atomic Blocks Spacer

This block adds a vertical spacer, with or without a dividing line. You can set the height of the spacer and the color, weight, and type of dividing line. It’s basically a slicker version of an <hr> tag.

Atomic Blocks Button

You can set the button size, button background and text colors, and shape (square, square with rounded corners, and “circular,” which doesn’t actually make a circle, but rather a capsule-shaped button.

And that’s it for the Atomic Blocks. Let’s see what this looks like on the front end.

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