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Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks

This post demonstrates the custom blocks added by Stackable’s Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks plugin. (Please, never call anything in WordPress “ultimate.”)

I’ve added the Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks plugin from Stackable, which creates several new block types. (I’ve also added some other custom block plugins, but will test them in other posts.) Here are the different block types and the styles that the plugin provides.

Ultimate Blocks Blockquote

It’s okay to acknowledge that life can get complicated, but we mustn’t forget the beauty in its simplicity, too. From the multitude of stars above, to freshly mowed grass in the morning, life is simply wonderful.

Ultimate Blocks Testimonial

Ben Adams


Stackable: Ultimate Blocks from Gutenberg has all the blocks I need to make a great webpage.

Ultimate Blocks Team Member

Sallie Goetsch

Meetup Organizer

Sallie has been organizer of the East Bay WordPress Meetup since 2009.

Ultimate Blocks Number Blocks



Basically, this block has an editable number instead of a photo or icon, with a title and a text area. I don’t think it auto-increments or anything. Nope (I tried adding a second one and it still said “01.”

 Ultimate Blocks Image Box

What’s an image box? It’s an image that shows a title and subtitle on hover.


For when you need extra pick-me-up

Ultimate Blocks Count-Up

Happy Customers


and counting

Give it the final number, and it will run through the count. Though when I go back to edit the post, the number field isn’t there. Ooops.

Ultimate Blocks Video Pop-up

People do like to have videos pop up and play in lightboxes. It’s not a feature I use very often myself, though.

If you use a video from YouTube or Vimeo, just enter its ID, not its URL.

Ultimate GB Blocks Pull Quote

You can set the text color and border color with this block, but really, it’s a styled blockquote, not a pullquote–the thing that makes a pullquote pull is that it sits at least partly outside the content area, to the left or right.

Ultimate GB Blocks Expand/Show More

This is “less text,” similar to an accordion title.

Show more

Ultimate Blocks Notification

Everyone and his brother has created a notification block, each a little different. This one has settings for type (success, error, warning, information) and for dismissability, as well as for background and text color.

Success! You did everything right.

Ultimate Blocks Call to Action Block

This block includes a headline, text, and a button with a link field. I tried to edit the button text, and couldn’t. The button isn’t showing up at all on the front end.

Get More Blocks Like This

Get Stackable: Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks today.  Apart from adding new blocks, it gives Gutenberg users more options and settings to tinker with, expanding Gutenberg’s functionality.

Ultimate Blocks Spacer Block

This is a vertical spacer. The only setting is for height. I added one because otherwise there was no distinction between the real CTA block and the screenshot showing what it should look like. Now there’s extra space on account of this heading and paragraph.

This is what the CTA block is supposed to look like.

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