Test Posts


This is the test of the Tiles layout from Sword Layouts.

There’s a block from Sword Layouts called “Tiles.” It creates, or is supposed to create, a series of alternating image and text blocks—what I call a “checkerboard” layout. I’m not sure whether it’s meant to be used within a post or within a page, or it doesn’t matter, though it seems a bit strange to put in a post. Since a post is what I’m writing, though, here goes.

This is a photo of a re-creation of Gutenberg’s printing press, the first of its kind. Interestingly, as I type, the image changes size and shape. I think there may be a flexboxy thing happening here.

To put the image on the other side of the text, switch on the “Invert Layout” block setting. (That’s the only setting.) Images and text do not alternate automatically: you have to choose whether to do so. Also, each image/text row is a separate block.

All right, let’s publish this puppy and see what happens. It works–but it’s definitely not meant for use in such a narrow content column!

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